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Highlights from the Collection

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Title Artist Medium Date
Virgin and Child   Unknown   Ivory; silver crown added in the 19th century  about 1260 
Covered Jug   Unknown   Rock crystal; gilded silver mounts added in Nuremberg, Germany, about 1540  about 1350 
Triptych with the Crucifixion, Saint James, and Saint Catherine of Alexandria   Monvaerni Master   Enamel and gold on copper in gilded metal frame  about 1484–1497 
Dish with Apollo and the Muses   Attributed to the Master of the Triumph of the Moon at Marcigny, possibly Pietro da Castel (Durante)   Earthenware with tin glaze (maiolica)  about 1525 
Plaque with Pilate Washing His Hands   Belli, Valerio   Rock crystal  about 1520–1540 
Crucifixion   Limosin, Léonard   Enamel and gold on copper  about 1534 
Ewer with the Abduction of Deianira   Fontana Workshop   Earthenware with tin glaze (maiolica)  about 1545–1550 
Casket with the Triumph of Diana   Reymond, Pierre   Enamel and gold on copper; gilded metal mounts; and wood-lined interior  about 1550 
Saltcellar   Unknown   Earthenware with lead glaze  about 1555 
Ewer with Adam and Eve   Master IC (probably Jean Court or Jean de Court)   Enamel and gold on copper  about 1550–1575 
Francis I of Cleves, Duke of Nevers   Limosin, Léonard   Enamel and gold on copper; enameled copper and gilded wooden frame added in the 19th century  about 1556 
The Children of Mars   Limosin, Léonard   Enamel on copper  about 1570 
Ewer in the Shape of a Phoenix   Unknown   Enamel on unglazed porcelain; gilded silver mounts added by Friedrich Hillebrand (German, d. 1608), Nuremberg, Germany, about 1600, with later additions  about 1570–1580 
Platter with Joseph Interpreting the Pharaoh’s Dream   Reymond, Pierre   Enamel and gold on copper  1577 
Saint Luke   Court, Suzanne de   Enamel and gold on copper  about 1600 
Michiel de Wael   Hals, Frans   Oil on canvas  about 1625–1628 
Two-Handled Covered Cup   Possibly Zeidler, Johann   Moss agate, gilded silver mounts, and enamel on copper overlay with rubies, garnets, emeralds, sapphires, citrine, and turquoise  mid 17th century 
Portrait of a Man Rising from His Chair   Rijn, Rembrandt van   Oil on canvas  1633 
Watch with Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well   Bernard, Nicolas   Enamel on gold with steel, blued steel, and gilded brass  mid 17th century 
Still Life with Tilted Basket of Fruit, Vase of Flowers, and Shells   Ast, Balthasar van der   Oil on panel  about 1640–1645 
The Sleeping Soldier   Borch, Gerard ter   Oil on canvas  about 1656–1657 
Farmhouses on a High Road   Ruisdael, Jacob van   Oil on canvas  about 1658–1660 
The Doctor's Visit   Steen, Jan   Oil on panel  about 1663 
An Old Toper   Ostade, Adriaen van   Oil on panel  about 1660–1665 
A Woman with a Cittern and a Singing Couple at a Table   Hooch, Pieter de   Oil on canvas  about 1667