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Highlights from the Collection

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Title Artist Medium Date
The Sleeping Soldier   Borch, Gerard ter   Oil on canvas  about 1656–1657 
The Slinger   Decamps, Alexandre-Gabriel   Oil on canvas  about 1849 
The Song of the Talking Wire   Farny, Henry François   Oil on canvas  1904 
The Three Friends   Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest   Oil on panel  1847 
The Trout Stream   Turner, Joseph Mallord William   Oil on canvas  1809 
The Whale on Shore   Turner, Joseph Mallord William   Watercolor on paper  about 1837 
Triptych with the Crucifixion, Saint James, and Saint Catherine of Alexandria   Monvaerni Master   Enamel and gold on copper in gilded metal frame  about 1484–1497 
Turkish Children   Diaz de la Peña, Narcisse Virgile   Oil on canvas  1840s 
Two-Handled Covered Cup   Possibly Zeidler, Johann   Moss agate, gilded silver mounts, and enamel on copper overlay with rubies, garnets, emeralds, sapphires, citrine, and turquoise  mid 1600s 
Valley of Chamouni   Turner, Joseph Mallord William   Watercolor on paper  about 1809–1814 
Vase   Unknown   Porcelain with oxblood glaze  about 1705–1720 
Vase with a Lady of the Court   Unknown   Cobalt on porcelain  about 1662–1722 
Vase with a Scene from “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”   Unknown   Enamel and gold on porcelain  early 1700s 
Vase with Dragons   Unknown   Porcelain with celadon glaze  about 1700–1722 
Vase with Dragons Among Waves   Unknown   Porcelain with copper-red decoration  about 1700 
Vase with Illustrations of Tilling and Weaving   Unknown   Enamel and gold on porcelain  about 1700 
Vase with Kingfisher and Lotus   Unknown   Enamel on porcelain  about 1700 
Vase with Taotie Masks   Unknown   Porcelain with turquoise glaze  about 1750–1795 
Vase with Women Warriors of the Yang Family   Unknown   Cobalt on porcelain  about 1700 
View near Mantes   Bonington, Richard Parkes   Oil on canvas  1826 
Village Interior   Attributed to Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille   Oil on canvas  about 1850–1860 
Virgin and Child   Unknown   Ivory; silver crown added in the 19th century  about 1260 
Watch in the Form of a Skull with Skeleton Hand   Perron, J.   Silver with steel and gilded brass  about 1675 
Watch with Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well   Bernard, Nicolas   Enamel on gold with steel, blued steel, and gilded brass  mid 1600s 
Water Dropper in the Shape of a Horse   Unknown   Enamel on unglazed porcelain  about 1700