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Highlights from the Collection

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Title Artist Medium Date
Water Dropper in the Shape of a Horse   Unknown   Enamel on unglazed porcelain  about 1700 
Water Pot with Coiled Dragons   Unknown   Porcelain with peach-bloom glaze  about 1705–1720 
Weissenthurm and the Hoche Monument   Turner, Joseph Mallord William   Watercolor and gouache on paper  1817 
William Howard Taft   Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquín   Oil on canvas  1909 
Wooded Landscape with Milkmaid, Rustic Lovers, Herdsman, and Farm Animals   Gainsborough, Thomas   Oil on canvas  about 1772–1774 
Young Woman Cradling Her Infant   Millet, Jean-François   Oil on canvas  about 1870–1873