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European Paintings

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Title Artist Medium Date
Michiel de Wael   Hals, Frans   Oil on canvas  about 1625–1628 
Portrait of a Man Rising from His Chair   Rijn, Rembrandt van   Oil on canvas  1633 
Still Life with Tilted Basket of Fruit, Vase of Flowers, and Shells   Ast, Balthasar van der   Oil on panel  about 1640–1645 
The Sleeping Soldier   Borch, Gerard ter   Oil on canvas  about 1656–1657 
Farmhouses on a High Road   Ruisdael, Jacob van   Oil on canvas  about 1658–1660 
The Doctor's Visit   Steen, Jan   Oil on panel  about 1663 
An Old Toper   Ostade, Adriaen van   Oil on panel  about 1660–1665 
A Woman with a Cittern and a Singing Couple at a Table   Hooch, Pieter de   Oil on canvas  about 1667 
An Extensive Valley with a Distant City   Neer, Aert van der   Oil on canvas  about 1662–1665 
Farmland with a Pond and Trees   Hobbema, Meindert   Oil on canvas  about 1663–1664 
Wooded Landscape with Milkmaid, Rustic Lovers, Herdsman, and Farm Animals   Gainsborough, Thomas   Oil on canvas  about 1772–1774 
Mrs. John Weyland and Her Son John   Reynolds, Joshua   Oil on canvas  1776 
Edward and William Tomkinson   Gainsborough, Thomas   Oil on canvas  about 1784 
Queen María Luisa of Spain   Goya, Francisco de   Oil on canvas  1800 
Jeanne Gonin   Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique   Oil on canvas  1821 
View near Mantes   Bonington, Richard Parkes   Oil on canvas  1826 
Europa and the Bull   Turner, Joseph Mallord William   Oil on canvas  about 1845 
The Three Friends   Meissonier, Jean Louis Ernest   Oil on panel  1847 
Cattle at a Watering Place   Troyon, Constant   Oil on canvas  about 1850–1855 
The Pond at Dagneau on the Plateau of Bellecroix, Forest of Fontainebleau   Rousseau, Théodore   Oil on canvas  1858–1860 
Ferry-Boat near Bonnières-sur-Seine   Daubigny, Charles François   Oil on canvas  1861 
Memory of Riva   Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille   Oil on canvas  1865–1870 
Young Woman Cradling Her Infant   Millet, Jean-François   Oil on canvas  about 1870–1873 
Sewing School at Katwijk   Israëls, Jozef   Oil on canvas  1881 
Changing Pasture   Mauve, Anton   Oil on canvas  about 1887